Five Ply Design

The Vines Series


The Vines might just growing on you!

There’s a good chance that what you’re drinking at your next dinner party will have spent a good amount of time maturing on vines; whether hops or grapes. These coasters tastefully hearken back to this reality, without the corny wine paraphernalia feel.

Each coaster is laser cut and hand-finished from 3/16” thick Basswood in our Seattle studio. You’ll get three different patterns, but six unique coasters, just like the pieces of wood they were cut from. Basswood is a light and absorbent material with a tight and clear grain structure that allows for detailed cutting. These coasters do have one small issue; they have a penchant to disappear when your guests head home for the night.

Product Details

Materials: Hand sanded, unfinished basswood 
Quantity: set of six coasters
Dimensions: 3.9" diameter
Shipping: Contents are shipped in a 100% recyclable, cushioned cardboard container

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