Five Ply Design is a design and manufacturing studio dedicated to providing beautiful solutions for your home and lifestyle.
Our team consists of skilled designers and detail driven artisans.  We dedicate ourselves to providing the best design solution and the highest quality products for our users- functionally, aesthetically as well as environmentally. We design and build all of our products in our Seattle studio by hand- start to finish, board to box - we do it all, in house.  We source all of our raw materials; from our FSC certified woods, recycled felt and reconstituted woods from vendors in the US and use all natural and noVOC finishes as much as possible. 

Good • Clean • Design
That is what we are all about.
peter benarcik
founder + design director
In addition to our home product line, our design team also works on commissioned projects ranging from graphics up to homes,  office spaces and spatial installations.
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