ModernMobile- The Ovals


With a nod towards the Mid-Century Palm Springs style, our Ovals will bring a smile to your face and a brightness to your space- just add a warm desert breeze. Each colorful wooden element twirls independently with the slightest breeze. The retro blue, red, green and orange colors compliment any modern home and of course coordinate perfectly with our Molded Plywood BirdHomes. 

Each design set is fully assembled and packaged in a 9” x 22” x .25” cardboard container with product information located on the label- just open and hang yourself some modern smiles!!

Product Details

Materials: recycled wood, reclaimed wood veneer, no-voc interior paints
Quantity: 1 mobile
Dimensions: 18" tall, 7" wide, 1/4" thick with 16" hanging cable
Hanging Details: Mobiles can easily be hung from a hook, nail or screw with the included cable.
Shipping: Contents are shipped flat in a 100% recyclable cardboard package

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