Five Ply Design

The Tubes Series


It Is All About The Tubes!

Circles everywhere. These coasters are tubes made of tubes stacked together with tubes. Each pattern is a unique take on the combination of circles to create something that will hold your drink... and keep you focused if you have had too many!

Each coaster is laser cut and hand-finished from 3/16” thick Basswood in our Seattle studio. You’ll get three different patterns, but six unique coasters, just like the pieces of wood they were cut from. Basswood is a light and absorbent material with a tight and clear grain structure that allows for detailed cutting. These coasters do have one small issue; they have a penchant to disappear when your guests head home for the night.

Product Details

Materials: Hand sanded, unfinished basswood 
Quantity: set of six coasters
Dimensions: 3.9" diameter
Shipping: Contents are shipped in a 100% recyclable, cushioned cardboard container

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