TableTrivets- The Pebbles Set


The pebbles that you find alongside a river have been shaped by the water over the years; hand made by Mother Nature, they are rounded and soft to the touch. Our Pebbles design brings a bit of that nature to the table just for you.

Each trivet is made from American Oak Hardwood Veneer and a composite core on one side and 100% Post-Consumer recycled felt (25% recycled carpet, 75% wool) on the other side.  You’ll receive two 8” diameter TableTrivets that have been sealed with a natural, food-safe oil. The trivets are heat tolerant and water resistant but not water-proof.

Product Details

Quantity: 2 Trivets
Dimensions: 8” Diameter, ¼” thick
Shipping: Contents are shipped in a 100% recyclable cardboard package

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