TableTrivets- The Petals Set


The Petals Set

Inspired by the natural beauty of flowers (and growing up in my mother's greenhouse), the Petals set showcases the imperfect symmetry and mesmerizing simplicity you find in your garden for you to enjoy in your living room.

Each trivet is made from American Oak Hardwood Veneer and a composite core on one side and 100% Post-Consumer recycled felt (25% recycled carpet, 75% wool) on the other side.  You’ll receive two 8” diameter TableTrivets that have been sealed with a natural, food-safe oil. The trivets are heat tolerant and water resistant but not water-proof.

Product Details

Quantity: 2 Trivets
Dimensions: 8” Diameter, ¼” thick
Shipping: Contents are shipped in a 100% recyclable cardboard package

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