BentoBox Service Individual Components


Our individual components work in perfect harmony with the whole line of our BentoBox Service components. The Walnut Dish, Solid Surface and Walnut Trough all "lock" into as well as "nest" into our Bamboo Serving Platter. Both the walnut wood and solid surface materials are are 100% food-safe- the walnut is finished with a natural Oil and the Solid Surface is dishwasher safe!


American Walnut Trough measures 2.25"wide  x 9.25"long  x .75"thick  

American Walnut Dish measures 4.75"wide  x 6.75"long  x .75"thick  

White Solid Surface measures 4.75"wide  x 6.75"long  x .5"thick   

Long Bowl in American Walnut measures 4.3875"wide x  12.5"long x 1"thick

Long Bowl in White Solid Surface  measures 4.3875"wide x  12.5"long x .5"thick

Wide Bowl in American Walnut measures 6.25"wide x  8.75"long x 1"thick

Wide Bowl in White Solid Surface  measures 6.25"wide 8.75"long x .5"thick

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