Five Ply Design

Hardwood HouseBirds in Walnut


Our HouseBirds don't fly. It doesn't matter.... they would rather start a conversation around your coffee table. Little do they know, they will be the center of attention!

The set of three- a rocking Chickadee, a perching Robin and a stately Cardinal are all shaped and meticulously finished by hand out of FSC Certified Walnut, Maple and Cherry domestic hardwoods.  Each bird is completely unique due to the natural grain patterns and coloration- so know that your birds will truly be one of a kind!

Each bird has a hand rubbed finished- a combination of gloss and matte natural carnauba waxes. Sets comes packaged in their own natural wood shaving "nest" for safe shipment to your home.

Product Details

Quantity: 3 HouseBirds- 1 Chickadee, 1 Robin, 1 Cardinal
Materials: Walnut, Maple, or Cherry
Shipping: Each set is packaged in a 100% recycled cardboard box with recycled wood shavings  as a "nest" for shipping.

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