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Inspired by the Case Study Program from the 1950's these BirdHomes are designed for the discerning little brown birds in your neighborhood.  The BirdHomes are constructed by hand using four layers of Hardwood Veneer, the Poplar facades are painted in retro colors for todays modern bird and each has an untreated, solid cedar roof. Each has an aluminum back door for easy cleaning out after each season. The BirdHomes can be mounted on a wall or hung with the attached cable.  Since the BirdHomes are hand built with solid woods, each is unique and will have some natural wood figuring.  The BirdHomes are suitable for exterior use by way of low VOC exterior grade paint, water-based sealants and waterproof glues and stainless steel fasteners. All materials are sourced from the US and built in Seattle by Five Ply Design.


Our BirdHomes have been designed for "little brown birds," but we thought you might like to know who might come by:

  • Urban Home: House Finch , House Wren
  • Mid Home: House Sparrow, Prothonotary Warbler 
  • SubUrban Home: Nuthatches, Chickadee

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