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Urban BirdHome


A little more compact than the rest, the Urban BirdHome is a great starter home for Finches and Wrens. These little guys will be right at home; even with the limited square footage. Small is all about perspective anyways, right?

Inspired by the Case Study Program from the 1950’s, our BirdHomes are built with the attention to detail and quality you would expect in your own home. We build each BirdHome entirely by hand in our Seattle studio. We use five layers of hardwood veneer, poplar facades, and a solid Alaskan cedar roof. Seriously, we want only the best for your birds. The BirdHomes are ready for exterior use thanks to a bright coat of noVOC exterior paint, water-based water-proof sealants on the plywood, and stainless steel hardware.  We have designed and built our BirdHomes specifically for outdoors- they have been doing great for years in the cold of New England, the wet of the Pacfic Northwest and the dry heat of the Southwest. 

BirdHomes are made by hand, per order, so you can expect to receive your unique home in about a two weeks after ordering.

Product Details

Materials: Maple or Walnut Veneer, Poplar Facade and Cedar Roof
Quantity: 1 BirdHome
Dimensions: 7.0" tall, 7.5" wide, 6.0" deep
Hanging Details: Bird homes can be mounted on a wall or hung with the included cable.
Shipping: Contents are shipped in a 100% recyclable cardboard package

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